Coming back from Antarctica my ship stopped in the most southern city on the planet Ushuaia.

It is close to Tierra del Fuego National Park so it is a popular stop if you are in the area.You can take a local bus or a taxi.I would advise you simply take a Tour and save the hassle.A bus would cost about 21 USD and the entrance to the Park about 15USD

Here it is often windy and cold and you can often sprinkle some rain as well.

The area is one of the highest concentrations of Cataracts in the World because of the depletion of the Ozone Layer.It has improved recently but suggest you use a good Suntan lotion and of course Sunglasses as well.

As usual Photos are a great way to get a feel for the area.

Tierra del Fuego National Park
View from the Bus near Tierra del Fuego National Park
A rare Red Fox
From the top Deck of the Ship


Recently on a Cruise Ship to Antarctica these trips can only occur during the summer in the southern hemisphere.So made the journey in Feb.

After Leaving Buenos Aires we traveled to the most southern city in the world Ushuaia Argentina,

Interesting enough this area has a very high level of Cataracts in the population which most likely relates to the higher level of dangerous Ultra Violet rays which exist in this part of the world because of Climate change.

We then left for the Falkland Islands which the Argentines call The Malvinas a conflict that still exists and may relate to the possible existence of large oil exploration possibilities.

We then crossed the Drake Passage after briefly stopping near Cape Horn to give respect to so many sailors who in pre-iron ships could not survive the famous rough seas in this area which I was worried about.At 5 AM the entire ship was alerted as the passengers were told of the area we were in.

The weather was superb after the sunrise the Sun was out every day we traveled across Antarctica.

After a day of cruising we stopped at Paradise Bay a favorite spot for Cruise ships because the area is teeming with wildlife.Will continue on my next post.

Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay
Baby its cold outside.
Now thats a hunk of ice