Climate change and denial.

If our Civilization exists in 200 years from now what would Historians conclude about our time ?

What would be their conclusions regarding Climate change ?

The current Summer in Europe hit new records the hottest Temperature ever recorded occurred in South Asia.Cyclones or Typhoons or Hurricanes become ever more powerful.Rains and Drought become more severe.

But the Deniers do not give up Why ?

My guess is Historians will conclude that important countries like

America were led by a Neanderthal named Donald Trump who gave

Neanderthals a bad name.He was a creature of the past who aligned himself with other Autocrats who refused to accept reality.

But it was something more, many Human Beings refuse to accept a possible negative outcome.Either it be a poor diet or lack of exercise or too much drinking…….. we are often incapable of stopping bad behavior.

In a period that required bold action America offered the World a Leader that could only scheme to fatten his own Bank Account.

As Glaciers melt at an accelerating pace and our Oceans slowly rise our Planet has failed to unite to save our species from great potential disasters.

I fear that in a World where the United States does not lead but tries to hide behind walls the Trump Electoral College victory in 2016 is a much bigger loss for America and the Planet then any of us can imagine.


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