My first Blog ever

This is not only my first Blog post but my first Blog post ever.

My interest in setting up this site is to give you the benefit of my experience of Traveling all over the World for personal and Business reasons.

I will show you how to travel at low cost and even for free using various Reward programs.

I will give reviews on various attractions including Hotels and Airlines.

I will discuss issues such as traveling healthy and the potential health risks of just getting on a Airplane and what we can do to lower our risk.

The recent reports regarding the Health effects on Cabin crews are very troubling.The Cabin air has been questioned for many years and we now have evidence that real people traveling on a regular basis have had serious impacts as a result of frequently being in the air.

Boeing did make adjustments in the 787  with air in the Cabin not influenced by the Engines and the toxic fumes they produce.However in other Aircraft passengers are exposed to dangerous levels of various chemicals related to the use of the Engines during Flight  by simply sitting at their seats.

I believe the risk of litigation is very high for the Manufacturers and the various Airlines so they just deny,deny,deny.

So I believe anyone reading this Blog should contact their Representatives in Washington and the Airlines they fly with.

We must take charge of our lives no one else will.

On a more pleasant note will soon start giving you interesting insights on traveling the World at low cost.


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