Use it or lose it.

The best way to accumulate Rewards quickly are with sign up bonuses for various credit cards with the main Banks and American Express.

The problem is the Reward programs are being devalued more often and with a greater impact to members of the programs.

My opinion outlined in a previous post is you need to model your Rewards portfolio in the same manner as an Investment portfolio.In that sense no matter where you travel and whatever Airline you use you will have a strategy to Travel at low cost just by using your Rewards.

The issue is the Big Guys either Marriott or IHG or Hyatt or Delta or United or British Airways or American keep raising the bar on the use of their currency then why bother at all in this Rewards Jamboree.

At this point the only logical answer is plan a trip and either use the Rewards you have now or plan a trip sign up for the bonus from the program or programs you think will work best and use them in a short time because they are losing value as I am writing this post.

All the major Hotel programs are watching each other lower the value of their programs where it stops no one knows.

So the mantra is Use it or lose it.

A quick trip to Alesund

It is strange but often I find that the colder the climate the warmer are the people.This is certainly true in Norway.

After flying on Norwegian air from Geneva to Oslo I then took a short flight to Alesund.The Weather was typical really awful with

rain and high wind with cold temperture as well.

Alesund is made up of many islands so if you go any type of distance on Public transportation you will enter a major adventure.It will involve Buses,Ferries then Buses that drive on Ferries and more Buses.That was my trip from Alesund to the Geirangerfjord.This is a trip that is in my view even more interesting then the destination.

You can arrange your trip to stay in the city of Geiranger for a few hours which has nice places to eat and friendly local people.

Here are a few Pics

On my Bus on the Ferry.

On the Ferry to

The front of the Bus on the front of the Ferry.

Ferry to Geirangerfjord
Getting close to another Ferry or another Bus.

Did you know there is a Canyon in New York ?

You heard it right the largest Canyon on the East coast it is called

Ausable Chasm and it is a fun visit.

I came from Burlington Vermont with a local Ferry which takes about 1 hour.

You call the great people at the Park and they send a free Shuttle to pick you up about 10-15 minutes later.

After you arrive you decide what route you want to take and if you want to include the raft tour.Yup a raft tour which in my view is the best part of the adventure.

The various trips through the park take an average of 2-3 hours so you can arrange to take the Shuttle back if you are coming from Burlington.

As usual the Pics are the best way to get a feel for the experience.

So if you are in the area check it out.

Near the entrance to the Park.

A recent visit to CERN

Since the discovery of the Higgs Boson Cern has become a very popular attraction.

It is a short distance from the Geneva train station with frequent local transportation.

The ride takes about 20 minutes and takes you close to the French border.

It is best to try to book a free tour in advance but the slots fill up quickly so you must first Register on the CERN Web site and then request your tickets when the slots become available.This changes so if it is not 30 days before or 14 days before you arrive keep checking to avoid missing your chance to get tickets.

The tours begin in what I call Swiss time which means on time.

You are taken only to a few select parts of the complex for obvious Security reasons.

It was fascinating to watch scientists monitoring the Large Hadron Collider for any abnormal changes in the device including Radiation levels.

We also were taken to a part of the Complex that contains the original Collider which is the size of a Truck.

That is in comparison to the present Collider which is over 16 miles long.

The underground area is closed to visitors and now is being renovated with various upgrades.

All in all it is a fun stop if you are in Geneva or in the area it is worth your time.

Monitoring for any abnormalities
Original Collider at CERN

The Bernina Express

Recently Starting in Tirano Italy got a real buzz riding The Bernina Express to Chur in Switzerland.

Swiss Trains are expensive so I purchased the same Ticket with a stop in Singen in Germany through Deutsche Bahn…… the same Ticket purchased through Swiss Rail is about 135USD my Ticket was less then 33 USD.

The trick is to make your last stop in Germany and getting off early if you are going to in my instance Zurich.

The Train leaves this sweet and relaxing town around 2:30 PM so rather then connect from Milan or another town I arrived the night before and stayed at a Hotel that is a few feet from the Train station.

The Hotel is called Binario Zero and was very modern and clean the only problem is you must check in at another Hotel a short distance away.

I booked the Panoramic car which cost an additional 15USD but it was more then worth it.

After leaving exactly on time in Swiss style we started to travel around a nearby lake before beginning our ascent.The Train offers you an App to download so you can have a Narrator in the language of your choice give you a minute by minute explanation of this wonderful ride.

The Photos will give you a better idea then anything I  can tell you.

The main point is Go………….  this is a great 6 hour ride that you will remember for the rest of your life.

My first Blog ever

This is not only my first Blog post but my first Blog post ever.

My interest in setting up this site is to give you the benefit of my experience of Traveling all over the World for personal and Business reasons.

I will show you how to travel at low cost and even for free using various Reward programs.

I will give reviews on various attractions including Hotels and Airlines.

I will discuss issues such as traveling healthy and the potential health risks of just getting on a Airplane and what we can do to lower our risk.

The recent reports regarding the Health effects on Cabin crews are very troubling.The Cabin air has been questioned for many years and we now have evidence that real people traveling on a regular basis have had serious impacts as a result of frequently being in the air.

Boeing did make adjustments in the 787  with air in the Cabin not influenced by the Engines and the toxic fumes they produce.However in other Aircraft passengers are exposed to dangerous levels of various chemicals related to the use of the Engines during Flight  by simply sitting at their seats.

I believe the risk of litigation is very high for the Manufacturers and the various Airlines so they just deny,deny,deny.

So I believe anyone reading this Blog should contact their Representatives in Washington and the Airlines they fly with.

We must take charge of our lives no one else will.

On a more pleasant note will soon start giving you interesting insights on traveling the World at low cost.