Jamboree Part 3

The amount of information on the Rewards programs are endless so will just choose a small bite today.

British Airways Avios program has its good and bad points.

They can not be a good option out of London since the taxes and fees are too high, in fact it is cheaper to fly with Norwegian air out of Gatwick to any city in America then getting a so called free seat using Avios at London Heathrow.

So that is why I check on flights outside the UK often Madrid using Avios with Iberia……you simply transfer your Avios online on the BA Web site and if you have had an active Iberia account for 3 months the transfer will be almost within a minute.

The same flights are cheaper on the Iberia site as opposed to the BA site.

The Avios will be lower and often even out of London the taxes and fees will be lower but not much lower.

You need to Book outside the UK to get good value.

A sweet spot for the British Airways Web site is using Avios in America.

I have often flown on Flights of about 1200 miles or less in First class for 15000 Avios that is a value of over 3 cents for each Avios.The fees are about 5 USD

Avios are valued around 1.2 cents each so if you can get at least 3 cents you are doing well.

Also Economy seats on these short Flights are 7500 miles not as good value but still a good deal.The Fees are also about 5 USD

Will take you to CERN on my next Post.

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