A recent visit to CERN

Since the discovery of the Higgs Boson Cern has become a very popular attraction.

It is a short distance from the Geneva train station with frequent local transportation.

The ride takes about 20 minutes and takes you close to the French border.

It is best to try to book a free tour in advance but the slots fill up quickly so you must first Register on the CERN Web site and then request your tickets when the slots become available.This changes so if it is not 30 days before or 14 days before you arrive keep checking to avoid missing your chance to get tickets.

The tours begin in what I call Swiss time which means on time.

You are taken only to a few select parts of the complex for obvious Security reasons.

It was fascinating to watch scientists monitoring the Large Hadron Collider for any abnormal changes in the device including Radiation levels.

We also were taken to a part of the Complex that contains the original Collider which is the size of a Truck.

That is in comparison to the present Collider which is over 16 miles long.

The underground area is closed to visitors and now is being renovated with various upgrades.

All in all it is a fun stop if you are in Geneva or in the area it is worth your time.

Monitoring for any abnormalities
Original Collider at CERN

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